Renuvia Fat Transfer
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Renuvia Fat Transfer
We can take fat from your abdomen, arms, knees or thighs and transfer it to your face, hands, buttocks and even breasts! Results are natural looking and lasting!

Now you can look ageless at any age™.  Introducing Renuvia™, an advanced rejuvenation treatment that taps into your own natural resources to help replenish and restore your youthful beauty.  Unlike traditional facelifts or synthetic fillers, Renuvia™ uses your own natural fat cells to restore youthful contours and reduce the signs of aging in the face, hands and other parts of the body.  Safe, simple and effective, Renuvia™ offers long-lasting results with minimal patient downtime. 

How can Renuvia help me?

As we age, our skin changes, both at the surface and underneath. Skin becomes less elastic, collagen production slows down, and there’s a reduction in the natural fatty tissue that helps to give the face its youthful contours.  These changes can give rise to wrinkles, folds, and deep hollows around the eyes, the cheeks, and the mouth.  Your hands can also show signs of aging, as wrinkled skin, veins and tendons become more prominent.  Renuvia rejuvenation allows you to use your own natural fat in order to restore youthful fullness in the face, hands and other parts of the body.  During the Renuvia procedure, excess fat is harvested from targeted parts of your body where it is not needed, and then re-injected into areas where extra fullness can help reduce the signs of aging.  Remember, with Renuvia rejuvenation, you’re using only your own natural fat cells, so the results will be natural looking and long lasting. 


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