How Does Botox Work?

Its application consists of the infiltration by means of an extra fine needle of botulinum toxin in the muscle of the area to be treated, immediately producing a relaxation that inhibits its movement, hence its high use for aesthetic purposes correcting wrinkles and its secretion of chemicals called acetylcholine.

The selection of points where the Botox injections will be placed is essential for the success of the procedure, since in the aesthetic case they cannot be located in the same wrinkle, always looking for the area where the muscle is present. Only the doctor will be able to determine the amount of Botox to be used for each procedure, since its excess achieves the opposite effect, reducing its effect.

Use of botox in the treatment of strabismus

As we mentioned earlier, the correction of the deviation can be treated with glasses but when the strabismus persists despite graduation, it is necessary to start a treatment, in which the botulinum toxin has a high success rate in the order of 60-70 percent.

However, refractive surgery can never be completely ruled out to reduce dependence on glasses or contact lenses, achieving through the need of each person to work with the use of laser specifically for what ails them, from myopia, hyperopia to astigmatism.

Side effects of botox

Frequent side effects are headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, redness and pain at the injection sites, muscle weakness or drooping is almost never experienced, especially in the eyelids, although there is no need to worry anymore that they disappear after a few days.

Likewise, it should not be used in patients suffering from allergies, much less pregnant women because currently there are no studies to show that the treatment is safe.

Before applying it to other parts of the body and used in large quantities as a neck, it is necessary to undergo a preliminary study since the body is able to create natural defenses against its components, omitting the desired effect.

Always consult a certified physician

If you are considering undergoing injections, you should have these aspects before choosing your professional, especially if it is for a cross linking procedure for keratoconus .

  • The specialist must be certified in the corresponding medical schools, as well as have the number of times he has performed this procedure registered.
  • Find a doctor with extensive experience in performing the treatment.
  • To know the appropriate dose to achieve a satisfactory result in a Botox treatment, the use of one syringe per patient is recommended.
  • You need to see the image archive of your previous patients, that is, before and after photos of patients who underwent the same procedure.
  • Learn about the possible risks and complications, including the impact that smoking and medications can have on your treatment.